Capital Jews pack shul as Lieberman davens

And, even though many Washingtonians are on vacation in the middle of August, this summer service was packed, according to Rabbi Barry Freundel. "Everyone who ever davens at Kesher decided to come this week," he said.

Lieberman received an aliyah, and afterwards the congregation sang "Siman Tov-Mazal Tov." Lieberman later drew laughter when he asked that the congregation say a meshaberach (prayer for healing or well-being) for Al Gore.

One congregant noted that "some things will not be allowed to change." He noticed that "a quiet Lubavitch Chassid…sidled up to Lieberman, and as had become the custom over the years, the senator and the Chassid put their arms around each other's shoulders and swayed to the intensity of the singing."

Freundel said he emphasized in his sermon that the upcoming campaign would be a "challenge" for Orthodox Jews and the Jewish community at large. "We must present ourselves authentically," he said, and not "create an impediment" for other Jews in the future.

The Gore campaign is already making sure that kosher meals are available to Lieberman. On last week's flight out of Nashville after Gore's nonimation announcement, most of those aboard Air Force Two were given barbecued pork ribs, while Lieberman and his family were offered vegetable lasagna.