FBI agents raid center where Kahane taught

Ben-Ami spokesman Moshe Debi denied that the minister had submitted such a request, noting that Ben-Ami has no authority to intervene in internal U.S. affairs.

Center director Mike Guzofsky said an estimated 30 agents armed with handguns entered the center at 9:15 a.m. Jan. 4 and conducted a six-hour search. They seized computers, records, books and tapes, he said.

"They pulled up with a huge semi-trailer and just took everything out."

The FBI conducted the raid "respectfully," Guzofsky said. "Some of the agents understood that what they do is really questionable and unconstitutional."

Guzofsky issued a statement on the Kach Web site, saying, "No government ever succeeded in silencing ideas. We will continue to speak and offer the only sane program that could save Israel. This is about ideas, free speech, and the right and obligation to speak Torah publicly. This is about the very survival of the Jewish nation."

Guzofsky said that Kach is taking legal action, and that his lawyers plan to file a complaint about the raid.

"Obviously, these types of tactics always backfire," he said. "We will win because we must win. Israel has to win a war against the Arabs or all the Jews will be massacred."

Former Kach activist Baruch Marzel said the center has given Russian immigrants an opportunity to learn about Judaism and to take self-defense courses.