Make each trip a honeymoon

2. Allow for spontaneity. It's OK to deviate from the planned itinerary.

3. Give each other some space. Spend some time apart to allow for the pursuit of individual interests.

4. Pack a few romantic items, including lingerie, aromatic oil, a small scented candle, a CD of favorite music.

5. Choose a destination that feels romantic to both of you.

6. Use the extra time to give a soothing foot massage after a long walk, a surprise bottle of wine or a love note left on the pillow.

7. Anticipate the stress that travel can bring and talk about how to handle potentially difficult moments like airport delays and getting lost. And don't blame your partner.

8. Set a budget and talk about expenses. Each partner should have a little "mad money," but discuss big purchases.

9. Pace yourself.

10. Talk to each other. Take the time to share your feelings, hopes, expectations and fears.