Toasting the happy couple

But what to say?

The barest bones of a toast need to include a mention of those whom you are toasting by name, your relationship to them and a wish for their future happiness and good fortune.

On top of that, you may wish to add more personal elements to your toast, such as a brief reading from a favorite poem, a quotation, a joke or the lyrics of a song.

Just remember that length does not always help a toast. "A toast can be quite brief and still be wonderful," Steenson says.

Here are more toasting tips:

*It is proper to stand up to give a toast, but remain seated if you are receiving one.

*Traditionally, the best man offers the first toast to the bride and groom. The groom reciprocates with a toast of thanks to his best man, then toasts his bride and both sets of parents. The bride is welcome to follow suit, as are parents, relatives and guests.

*If you think it will make you feel more comfortable, jot a few key words from your toast on note cards.

*Don't drink too much before it's your turn to toast. A clear head will serve you better than "liquid courage."

*Korbel offers a wedding toast hot line at (800) 756-7235.