Silent Voices Speak through professor and historians

'Silent Voices Speak' through professor and historians

The first lecture in the program "Silent Voices Speak: An Art Exhibition and Lecture Series on the Holocaust and Social Injustice Today" took place last week at Herbst International Exhibition Hall in San Francisco's Presidio. The topic was "The Holocaust: Told and Untold Stories." Speakers included Michael Berenbaum, Holocaust historian (below); Anya Verkhousekaya, Russian Holocaust oral historian (from left, right photo); Mary Felstiner, Holocaust historian; John Felstiner, Stanford professor of English and Jewish studies; and Wendy Tokuda, KRON-TV anchorwoman and special projects reporter, who moderated the discussion. The next lecture in the series, which continues through May 15, will be "The Other Victims of the Holocaust: Lesbians and Gay Men, Sinti and Roma ('Gypsies'), Disabled, Dissidents, and Others" at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Lectures are free. Information: (415) 928-2992.