Amnesty, BTselem slam Israel

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The majority of the Palestinians killed and 10,000 injured since October were demonstrators throwing stones, the report states, adding that Israel security forces "used excessive lethal force, firing rubber-coated metal bullets and live ammunition including high-velocity bullets at demonstrators." Some Palestinians were deliberately targeted and extra-judicially executed, the report claims.

On the other side of the conflict, the report states that Palestinian members of the Tanzim carried out attacks on Israel Defense Force soldiers and civilians "in the Occupied Territories," and "Palestinian armed opposition groups such as Islamic Jihad also placed bombs which killed six Israeli civilians."

The report states that more than 360 people, including prisoners of conscience, were arrested by the Palestinian Authority for political reasons during 2000, and that "torture and ill-treatment by various Palestinian security forces were widespread." The Palestinian Authority has failed to bring those responsible for human rights abuses to justice, according to the report.

The Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem, in its report called "Beatings and Abuse of Palestinians by Israeli Security Forces during the Aksa Intifada," cites 12 Palestinian testimonies that describe the beatings and abuse of 24 Palestinians that took place in recent months throughout the West Bank.