Female jet pilot to go into combat in Israel air force

Roni is the first woman to graduate from the IAF's combat pilot course since Alice Miller launched a successful court battle in her quest to qualify seven years ago.

The IAF has noted that female combat pilots are eligible to be sent on all missions, including those that fly over enemy lines.

Though Roni is the first woman to complete the course as a combat pilot, three woman have previously graduated as navigators.

Sari, the first woman to graduate as a IAF navigator, flies in an F-16 jet. Both Moran and Na'ama are navigators in Phantom warplanes.

Sari flew combat missions over Lebanon before the IDF withdrawal from the security zone in May 2000.

Kibbutz resident Roni is the granddaughter of one of the leaders of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Her mother is a microbiologist and her father works as an engineer.