A virtual guide on ways to give support to Israel

In earlier columns, I wrote about how the Internet can be a resource for those who want to help Israel. This is the last of three columns on that topic.

*Say a prayer

Michael Freund, a former deputy director of communications and policy planning in Israel's Prime Minister's Office, says "the usual array of pro-Israel activities — contacting one's elected representatives, combating media bias or even writing a check — just doesn't seem to cut it anymore… Israel should launch an international campaign, Operation Shield of David, which would bring together Jews (and others) to pray on the country's behalf. The Book of Psalms, written by King David, has always been one of the most potent weapons in Israel's spiritual arsenal. It is time to dust off this powerful tool, and to let its words of comfort and succor resonate across the globe." His article is at www.torah.org/features/spirfocus/bestdefense.html

In that vein, the Orthodox Union — www.ou.org/israel/5762/whatyoucando.hm — recommends reciting tehillim (psalms) daily, especially Psalms 20, 83, 142 and 121: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains: from whence shall my help come?" You can find tehillim online at Breslav.com in English and in Hebrew– if you have Hebrew fonts installed — at www. breslov.com/bible/Psalms.htm You can also encourage your synagogue or temple to recite the Prayer for the Well-being of Israel's Soldiers, at www.ou.org/yerushalayim/prayers2.htm

Even if you can't make it to Israel, you can still place a note in the Western Wall. The Aish HaTorah Web site allows you to type in a message that will be printed out in Jerusalem and placed into the wall. There is no charge for this confidential service, although donations are welcome. The URL is www.aish.com/wallcam/Place_a_Note_in_the_Wall.asp

*Buy Israeli products

Israel exports high-quality foods and other products that you can purchase locallly or over the Web. You'll find a very large directory at the Orthodox Union Web site — www.ou.org/prgrams/5762/buyisrael.htm

*Invest in Israel

If you are considering investing in Israel, take a look at the Ministry of Industry and Trade's English language Web site at www.moit.gov.il/tamas_en.asp

And don't forget about the investment that is almost as old as the state of Israel, Israel Bonds. In May 1951, David Ben-Gurion launched the first Israel Bond sales drive in the United States. Israel Bonds have been instrumental in the growth of the country ever since. Purchase them on the Web at www.israelbonds.com

*Go on aliyah

Between 1948 and 2000, 2.8 million Jews immigrated to Israel including more than 100,000 North Americans. Read about the efforts of the World Zionist Organization and those who have made aliyah at www.wzo.org.il/en/resources/view.asp?id=434

Of course, the decision to move to Israel involves much more than facts and figures. Sol Jakubowicz and his family moved to Israel from Toronto four years ago… and haven't looked back. His story is at www.aish.com/jewishissues/israeldiary/ Still_Crazy_Why_We_Made_Aliyah .asp

"It is time for every Jew to stand up and be counted," he writes. "To show the world that we still care. To show the world that we do really believe in what we are praying for. To show the world that we really believe our dreams will come true."