Morans Iraq snafu may cost him his job

Moran, whose daughter is in the process of converting to Judaism, has been at odds with the local Jewish community for years.

He has often tried to climb out of holes, which he admits he has mostly dug for himself by speaking ill of Israel and its supporters.

"I'm insufficiently cautious in the way I express myself," said Moran, the former mayor of Alexandria, Va. "I tend to be too blunt and too graceless."

Morris Amitay, treasurer of the pro-Israel Washington PAC, indicated that Moran's prediction about his future is correct.

Amitay said he already has someone in mind to challenge Moran in the Democratic primary, and expects that person to receive strong support from the Jewish community.

"We now have a vulnerable incumbent," said Amitay, a former executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.