U.S. Report

NEW YORK (JTA) — A U.S. judge ruled that a Maine restaurant must comply with a local town code and remove table umbrellas advertising Hebrew National hot dogs.

The restaurant owner had claimed that an order given him to remove the umbrellas had smacked of anti-Semitism.

Town officials, however, said the owner had failed to comply with an ordinance that allows a maximum of three signs.

Isaac Bashevis Singer books gather dust

NEW YORK (JTA) — Two unpublished works of the late novelist Isaac Bashevis Singer sit in archives at the University of Texas at Austin.

Two novels as well as a book-length memoir that was serialized in the Yiddish-language Forverts await publication while sitting in the university's Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, the New York Observer reported.

One of the novels, "Yarme and Keyle," is said to be a "lurid" tale of "wild sexuality" revolving around pimps, prostitutes and white slave traders in pre-World War I Warsaw, the Observer said.