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NEW YORK (JTA) — The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments this week on a California case regarding Holocaust-era insurance records.

The American Insurance Association is challenging a California law requiring insurance companies to open their Holocaust-era records in order to do business in the state.

Holocaust survivors said the law aids attempts to receive claims filed by family members. The insurance industry believes the law is an illegal attempt to regulate commerce.

Nazi collaborator ordered deported

NEW YORK (JTA) — The United States ordered a man living in Pennsylvania deported because he collaborated with the Nazis.

The Justice Department's decision last Friday regarding Theodor Szehinskyj came after his citizenship was revoked in July 2000 for serving as a concentration camp guard during World War II.

Szehinskyj was found to have worked at the Gross-Rosen, Sachsenhausen and Warsaw concentration camps between January 1943 and February 1945.

Austria Shoah lawsuit dismissed by judge

NEW YORK (JTA) — A U.S. judge dismissed a lawsuit brought against Austria by Holocaust survivors.

But the attorney for the survivors said he would appeal last week's ruling in the case, which seeks to recover $10 billion in assets stolen and auctioned off during World War II.

Judge Florence Marie Cooper ruled that the lawsuit could not proceed because it breached an agreement on Austrian Shoah reparations reached by the U.S. and Austrian governments a few years ago.

Shtetl film arrives on local television

NEW YORK (JTA) — A documentary on a Polish shtetl will air on public television in New York for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

"Luboml: My Heart Remembers'' will be shown on WLIW in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut at 10 p.m. on April 29, as well as on Israel's History Channel.

The film also will be available to Direct TV subscribers around the United States. Photographs and artifacts used in making the film, which chronicles Jewish life in a small Polish town before World War II, were added last fall to the Library of Congress.

The film was produced by New York real estate magnate and philanthropist Aaron Ziegelman, who grew up in Luboml, known in Yiddish as Libivne.

Student groups unite to mark Holocaust day

NEW YORK (JTA) — Jewish students at Brooklyn College are joining with a black group and a gay and lesbian group to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

The efforts, which include turning the school's Hillel into a Holocaust museum, are part of steps at 40 Hillels across North America to work with non-Jewish student groups to mark Yom HaShoah.