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NEW YORK (JTA) — Popular radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger said she no longer practices Judaism.

Schlessinger, whose conservative syndicated show has an audience of 12 million listeners daily, announced that she no longer keeps the mitzvot or commandments but still considers herself Jewish, the Forward newspaper reported.

"My identifying with this entity and my fulfilling the rituals, etc., of the entity, that has ended," she said.

Schlessinger, who was born to a Jewish father and Catholic mother, underwent a Conservative conversion in 1997 and later became Orthodox.

Dunkin' Donuts in Detroit still kosher

NEW YORK (JTA) — A Dunkin' Donuts store near Detroit is being allowed to remain kosher.

The parent company of the franchise in Oak Park, Mich., had rescinded the kosher status the store recently received in order to serve its Jewish patrons.

However, an e-mail appeal by local patrons convinced the company to reverse its decision. Now things are going "smoothly," said Rabbi Joseph Krupnik, kashrut director for the Council of Rabbis of Greater Detroit.