Rose Golant Gutierrez A daughter born May 19 to Cherie Golant and Ron Gutierrez of San Francisco. She is the sister of the late Julia. Grandparents are Susan and Mitch Golant of Los Angeles, Dorliza and Segundo Gutierrez of Holliswood, N.Y. Great-grandparents are Mary and Arthur Kleinhandler of Los Angeles.

Robert James Hirsch A son born April 13 to Felicia and Matthew Hirsch of San Francisco. He is the brother of Nicole and William. Grandparents are Bernadette and Douglas Hirsch of Benicia, and Kathy Hirsch and Deborah Gomez of San Francisco. Great-grandparents are Doris and Robert Hirsch of San Francisco, Barbara Hirsch of San Diego and Marion Bierne of San Mateo.