Amrani returns to Israel

After four years, Yossi Amrani, the Consul General of Israel for the Pacific Northwest Region, is heading back to Israel.

He will be replaced by David Akov, who recently served in Israel’s Washington embassy as liaison with Congress.

In a letter circulated via e-mail to supporters, Amrani said he believes Israeli diplomats face greater challenges than those from other countries.

“We have tried to reach out with a non-partisan message. People may have their own views, they may argue and disagree with certain Israeli policies, but they need to understand that as a nation and a people we struggle with issues beyond existence and survival,” he wrote.

“Yes, it makes it more difficult for us, but at the end of the day we desire the same things that people in San Francisco and elsewhere wish for: health, happiness and a good life.”

In a different letter sent to community leaders, Amrani said he was taking with him “friendships and a strong sense of partnership. I am thankful for your support of Israel, and of my mission, and for enriching my life by making me a part of yours.”