Planting your garden

So you want to plant a biblical garden. The options are impressive: flowers (chrysanthemum, aster, columbine, cosmos); herbs (mint, chamomile, dill); vegetables (cucumber, onions, garlic); fruit (apples, grapes, figs); groundcover/shrubs (rockrose, junipers, verbena); trees (sycamore, fir, acacia) … And that’s just a tiny fraction of the possibilities.

Where to go for information? The most comprehensive resource on the topic would have to be the Web site It offers lists of plants, Bible references, links to other Web sites, good books to read, and more. There’s even a special section for kids, with topics such as “butterfly gardens” and “herb gardens,” and coloring activities.

A visit to your local nursery would also be beneficial, as you’ll want to learn which plant varieties grow best in the Bay Area microclimate in which you reside.

Gardens can be grown from seeds, seedlings, or, for a nice head start, one- or five-gallon containers.