From keyboard clicks to wedding bells

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How many guys would go to a wedding on a first date?

“He just said, sure,” said 61-year-old Fern Wolrich. “And that gave him brownie points.”

Jim Jaffe saw Wolrich’s profile on He was about to take off for a Yosemite vacation, but he decided to write her first. Wolrich was about to leave for a vacation herself. She took a chance and invited Jaffe to a Friday morning wedding in Saratoga, and he accepted.

“I figured I could take a taxi home if we didn’t get along,” said 63-year-old Jaffe from Sunnyvale.

But they did get along — wonderfully.

“We danced at the wedding and then came back to her place,” said Jaffe. “I played trombone for her and it drove the dog crazy.”

A little over two years later, the couple married in early December at Jaffe’s daughter’s house in San Mateo. Rabbi Arik Labowitz from Congregation Beth Chaim in Danville officiated.

“The wedding was between terrific and wonderful,” said Jaffe.

It is Wolrich’s first marriage, while Jaffe was widowed. His two children, grandchild and about 50 others were in attendance.

“There was just something about him,” said Wolrich. “Maybe it was his honesty. His profile wasn’t at all jazzy. Some profiles are so unreal. His is just so down to earth.”

The couple quickly discovered they had a lot in common, such as a fondness for the outdoors, a sense of humor and an interest in traveling.

“We both were at the same level of fitness, and even as we get older we happen to be in good shape,” added Jaffe. “We were both looking for a relationship at this age where there was a match-up of health and fitness.”

And their tips for online dating?

Wolrich was on for a while with little response, and then a friend of hers insisted she post a picture. Immediately she got four inquires.

“Fern was very honest when I asked about age,” said Jaffe. “Almost every woman I went out with lied about their age, as much as six or seven years.”

“My biggest thing is honesty,” he added.

Jaffe and Wolrich won’t be taking an official honeymoon, but the retired couple does have a big trip planned around the Horn in February, after a few months of settling into married life.

“‘Match,'” said Wolrich. “It is a word you really have to think about.”


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