Listeners protest Israeli radio duos Anne Frank prank

jerusalem (jps) | Conventional wisdom says that if you want to attract attention, do something outrageous. Shockjocks Shai Goldstein and Dror Raphael make a living out of being outrageous. Iconoclasts from the tops of their heads to the soles of their feet, they evoke both ambivalence and laughter on their radio show.

Radio Tel Aviv 102FM would have us believe that this was their intention when, on their Sunday program, their surprise telephone call was to the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam. The ostensible purpose was to find out whether it was true that the house in which Frank had hidden during the Holocaust and where she had penned the diary that immortalized her name was going to be turned into a haven for persecuted writers.

Goldstein and Raphael, better known as Shai and Dror, spoke to the museum representative in English and, after asking a banal question about whether the museum was currently open, moved into prankster gear by asking whether it was permitted to smoke grass at the museum.

The two took a further flying leap and asked whether Anne Frank had herself indulged in smoking grass. Then they asked whether the museum representative smokes grass.

At that point, she’d had enough.

So had many irate listeners, who phoned the station to protest.

Eva Madjiboj, general manager of Radio 102FM, subsequently issued a statement that the station has great respect for everything related to the Holocaust, but she stopped short of issuing an apology.