How about Jewish Singles Scene reality TV

Reality television is in. Turn on the television any night during the week and some sort of so-called “reality TV” show is bound to be on the air somewhere. But the proliferation of these absurd TV shows is calling, no, screaming, for a new one — “Jewish Singles Scene.” Maybe this could follow “The Leon Charney Hour” on community access channels, or maybe re-runs of “Seinfeld.”

The idea for “Jewish Singles Scene” was born from a tongue-in-cheek conversation I had with a woman at a Jewish singles happy hour event months ago. With a group of karaoke singers impervious to their own off-key squawks from the corner of the bar, one of the event’s organizers, a jaded-sounding woman in her late 30s, partially joked: “I can’t believe I’m missing my favorite reality TV show for this.” Her statement was an admission of dissatisfaction that she somehow wasted her evening out at another Jewish singles event instead of staying home to watch phony television.

“This is pretty real,” I said, looking around the room as some people participated in the sing-along while others mingled and some just stuck with the friends they came with.

“Yeah, this should be on TV,” she said.

A new reality-based television show, featuring the Jewish singles players, sponsored by Manischewitz? “People would love to watch this,” I said.

The conversation got me thinking about the wonderful television and entertainment prospects ahead. But in the crowded market of reality TV shows, we would need a catchy name and theme for the show. What would we call it? Let’s consider what names and ideas have already been taken:

• “Survivor”: CBS has been milking this series for a few years, and lest we confuse the title with a slight on the Holocaust, we could adapt the format to fit the Jewish singles scene. Maroon a group of Jewish singles in an exotic location, possibly the suburbs, force them to engage in a series of physical challenges ranging from manual labor to cooking for themselves. Watch members of the Tribe vote each other off. The show’s theme music already sounds like it has the shofar blowing.

• “Fear Factor”: No matter how scary a Jewish singles party can be, I have never seen attendees hanging upside-down eating live insects. Is it that scary talking to strangers? Plus, are the bugs kosher?

• “American Idol”: Maybe a quasi-talent competition would be interesting. A room full of lawyers, teachers, social workers and doctors spells talent show. No matter how much talent it takes to dance the hora, we’re not allowed to engage in idolatry.

• “The Real World”: The motto would be, “This is the true story of seven Jewish singles, picked to live in a house to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.” Episode topics would include: Ira gets shpilkes in the genecktagsoink. Sarah kvetches over not getting an engagement ring on her birthday. Morty brings home a shiksa. If that doesn’t spell drama, I don’t know what does.

With all the options in the field, maybe I will just stick with the bland yet ubiquitous-sounding “Jewish Singles Scene.” With all the crazy shows out there, there has to be room for one more. Why not “Jewish Singles Scene?” Until then, it’s back to the reality of the occasional singles event — without the television.

Roy S. Gutterman is a New Jersey-based writer.