Israeli sisters reunited 61 years after Holocaust

jerusalem (ap) | Two sisters who survived the Holocaust and moved separately to Israel were reunited after 61 years with the help of an Internet database, a spokeswoman from the Israel Holocaust memorial said last week.

Estee Yaari of the Yad Vashem Heroes’ and Martyrs’ Remembrance Authority said Klara Blaier, 81, and Hannah Katz, 78, moved to Israel in 1948, each unaware that the other had survived the Nazi slaying of 6 million Jews during World War II.

Yaari said the two had last seen each other in Hungary in 1944, shortly after their parents sent them from their home in the former Czechoslovakia to live with relatives. The two women could not be reached for comment.

“Hannah Katz’s granddaughter was looking for information about Katz’s mother on our Internet database,” Yaari said. “All of a sudden she discovered that Katz’s sister, Klara Blaier, was living about 85 miles away in northern Israel. They were reunited the next day.”

The Yad Vashem database contains information on about 3 million Holocaust victims, Yaari said. It was added to the Yad Vashem Internet site last year.