Shorts: Bay Area

Juveniles charged in synagogue taggings

Four juveniles were arrested, cited and then released to their parents in connection with a swastika scrawled on a San Jose synagogue Monday, Jan. 31.

The swastika was found on Orthodox Congregation Am Echad. Ahavas Torah, another Orthodox synagogue across the street, was also vandalized, but not with a swastika. Other buildings in the area were also vandalized with gang insignias.

The juveniles belong to a “tagging crew,” said Officer Gina Tepoorten, a spokeswoman for the San Jose Police Department. Tagging crews are not street gangs, but youths who go around leaving their distinct graffiti markings on various buildings. They can always be identified since they leave their insignia on their work; in this case the vandals were with UYT, which stands for Unplug Your Television.

“We believe they were responsible for the tagging all around the synagogue, both areas,” said Tepoorten. Because the police couldn’t be sure that the taggers were responsible for the swastika as well, they were not charged with a hate crime. She said the suspects will appear in court to face the graffiti charges.

Students to bake ‘Challahs of Love’

Stanford students are invited to bake “Challahs of Love” on Valentine’s Day evening at the Chabad House at Stanford University. The loaves will then be given to those staying at Ronald McDonald House at Stanford, which serves families of seriously ill children receiving hospital treatment.

The baking begins at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 14, at the Chabad House, 679 Stanford Ave., Palo Alto. Information: Rabbi Dov Greenberg (650) 494-3274.

Deadline nears for Israeli seminar

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be hosting the 12th young Jewish leadership diplomatic seminar in Israel from late March to early April. The program’s goal is to enhance the relationship between young Jewish leaders around the world and the state of Israel.

Applications are being accepted through Monday, Feb. 14. To be eligible, an applicant must hold a college degree and be no older than 35.

Apply at