Line-up for San Jose Jewish Film Festival

This year’s 14th annual San Jose Jewish Film Festival is brimming with international films. And with 17 films slotted to play, the festival will break its own record of screenings.

The festival will kick off Sunday, Oct. 23, with the feature film “Modigliani” and end Sunday, Nov. 20, with the documentary “A Journey of Spirit.”

Other films in the weekly Sunday series are “Yidl Mitn Fidl”; “Metallic Blues”; “The Mad Adventures of ‘Rabbi’ Jacob”; The Syrian Bride”; “The Ritchie Boys”; “Ushpizin”; “The Rashevski’s Tango”; “Behind the Enemy Lines”; “Salaam Shalom”; “Facing Windows”; “Forgotten Refugees”; “Until Tomorrow Comes”; “Mixed Blessings”; “Imaginary Witness” and “Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi.”

All screenings will held at Camera 12 Cinema, 201 S. 2nd St., San Jose. Information: (925) 866-9599 or