AIPAC blasts administrations Iran policy

While AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, blanketed the West Coast with its membership events, its official policy statement lowered the boom on the White House.

In allowing the Iranians to wriggle out of a previous arrangement, the United States “allowed Iran to win a critical round of its game of cat-and-mouse with the international community,” the statement read.

AIPAC had hoped that, rather than leading to yet more rounds in the continuing negotiations with Russian and European diplomats and international atomic agencies, Iran’s persistent noncompliance would land it in front of the United Nations Security Council. While a lack of progress in negotiations could lead to just that, AIPAC feels the timetable gives Iran too much time — time it is no doubt using to advance its nuclear ambitions.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon this week indicated he would not hesitate to strike at Iran militarily if that is what it would take to derail the nation’s nuclear quest.

“Israel is not helpless and is taking all the steps it needs to be taking,” said Sharon.


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