Suicide-bombing film wins at Golden Globes

los angeles (jta) | A drama about Palestinian suicide bombers won the Golden Globe award for best foreign-language film.

“Paradise Now,” a Palestinian-Israeli co-production, was honored at the Monday, Jan. 16 awards ceremony in Los Angeles. The Golden Globes are widely seen as a bellwether of results at the more prestigious Academy Awards.

While “Paradise Now” has been taken to task for presenting two suicide bombers sympathetically, it has raised eyebrows among Palestinians for criticizing the terrorist group that sends them on their deadly mission. The film has had limited distribution in Israel.

Steven Spielberg’s “Munich,” the controversial movie about Mossad’s hunt for the killers of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics, won no awards. The film had been nominated for best screenplay and best director.

Britain’s Rachel Weisz, the daughter of wartime Jewish refugees, received the best supporting actress award for her role in “The Constant Gardener.”