Jerusalem by the numbers &mdash tidbits for thought

1. Mayor Uri Lupolianski has 12 children and 30 grandchildren.

2. The average temperature in the winter is 54 degrees Fahrenheit, in the summer it is 84.

3. Jerusalem is a city of readers: 68 percent of the population read at least one book per month; 33 percent read three books per month. That makes Jerusalem the most active reader-city in Israel.

4. In 2006, 22,114 babies were born in Jerusalem: 51 percent boys and 49 percent girls.

5. Thirty babies were born on Jerusalem Day in 2006.

6. Some 2,076 apartments were built in 2006, the largest number of any city in Israel.

7. In 2006, 1,400 new businesses opened in the city.

8. Jerusalem has 1,578 public gardens.

9. The total amount of green space in Jerusalem is larger than the total area of Tel Aviv.

9. In 2006, 194 new street names were given out; 184 streets were in East Jerusalem.

10. Jerusalem has 2,000 archeological sites.

11. Every day 110,000 vehicles enter the city.

12. There are 91 traffic circles.

13. The oldest elementary school in Jerusalem is Beit Hakerem, built 70 years ago.

14. The most popular boys’ name for first-graders in Jerusalem public schools is Daniel. The most popular girls’ name is Eden, and the most popular name in state-religious schools is Hodaya. In the haredi school system, the most common name for first-grade boys is David; for girls it is Sara.

15. The most popular name for first-grade boys in East Jerusalem is Muhammad; for girls it is Hadil.

16. Jerusalem has 70 cultural centers, which focus on literature, art, music, performance and poetry.

17. Jerusalem has 60 museums — the largest concentration in Israel.

18. It has 70 hotels with 9,000 guest rooms.

19. Jerusalem hosts 30 annual festivals.

20. It has 26 wineries.