Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit comes to San Diego

A most comprehensive exhibition of Dead Sea Scrolls will come to the San Diego Natural History Museum late this month.

The exhibit brings together materials which have never been shown together. Scrolls from Israel and Jordan reunite for the first time in 60 years, along with ancient Hebrew codices from the National Library of Russia, medieval manuscripts from the British National Library, modern hand-scribed texts and more.

Highlights include scrolls of the books of Leviticus, Isaiah, and Job; the Damascus Document and the War Scroll highlighting the life and thoughts of the Qumran community and the best preserved of all Deuteronomy manuscripts containing the text of the Ten Commandments.

This exhibition will not travel, so Bay Area residents must go to San Diego to see it. The scrolls, dating from 250 BCE-68 CE, are among the greatest archaeological finds of all time. Discovered in 1947 in caves along the shores of Israel’s Dead Sea, they are a bridge to the period when the foundations of western civilization were being laid.

The exhibition opens June 29 and runs for six months. Tickets are $20-$28. For more information, call (619) 232-2821, or go to