Wedding jewelry might have a familiar ring

Picking out engagement rings and wedding bands is one thing — so many more choices than diamond solitaires are ringing up sales at the jewelers' cash registers these days.

But when it comes to what a bride is going to wear with her wedding gown, the decision may not be quite so clear-cut.

Colored stones, pearls or heirloom pieces have caught the eye of some contemporary brides this season, but diamonds are still a bride's best friend, claims Nicky Yakubovich, founder of MJJ Brilliant and creator of the Bloom collection of romantic jewelry found in many jewelry stores.

"Clusters of diamonds in floral motifs with vintage appeal are romantic choices that can be worn with a wedding dress and many times over, and will always serve as a reminder of that special day," says Yakubovich. "These pieces are not reserved just for the bride, but make wonderful gifts and commemorate the occasion for special members of a wedding party."

Yakubovich suggests considering multiple layers of diamond necklaces, in either yellow or white gold. When choosing neckwear for the wedding day, try it with your gown to be sure the neckline sits right with your jewels.

The jewelry expert also suggests staying true to your personality when choosing your jewelry to wear with your wedding gown.

"You'll be looking at these photographs for years to come," he says, "so don't go overboard with your hair or earrings. You want everyone to see you, not only your jewelry, so resist the urge to pile it on. Keep earrings close to your ear and bracelets from jingling and making noise."

Yakubovich also suggests checking clasps and making sure stones arenét loose. "You don't want to spoil your big event with a search for missing or broken jewels."

Choosing wedding jewelry also allows the groom to sparkle. "Thinking past the wedding day, another trend is for grooms to gift their bride with a special piece that means something to the story of their lives together," adds Yakubovich.

Whether it's a special necklace, pendant, set of earrings or bracelet, it's the personal touch that sets aside the jewelry chosen for the wedding day, says Yakubovich. "Since each couple's experience of love is unique, the jewelry becomes a personal connection, individual to each couple."

Some other unique jewelry expressions for wedding-day attire:

• Antique lockets with a picture of your groom inside

• A sparkling crystal brooch worn on the sash of your gown

• A jeweled crown fastened securely in your hair

• A pearl-encrusted hair comb

• A special pair of jeweled cuff links for the groom

• Engraved pendants on a velvet ribbon choker

• Monogrammed sterling earrings

• Personalized charm bracelets

• Jewelry for your cake: crystal cake-toppers in the bride and groom's initials.