Fore! No, five easy ways to get started on retirement

You’re getting older, it’s true. But it’s how you get older that matters. Being afraid of it is like being afraid of getting more channels on your TV: It can be a little disorienting at first, but all the new choices offer a great opportunity for exploration.

Here are five ideas for getting started:

1. Improve your golf swing.

There’s no reason that enjoying the great outdoors can’t wrap up with a steak and martini at the 19th hole. But just so your swing is not mistaken for a mild seizure, you might want to work the kinks out of your game.

“Three components are a must: strength, endurance and flexibility — especially flexibility,” says Stacey Camacho, golf pro at Mountain Dell Golf Course outside Park City, Utah. “Stretching, yoga or other fitness exercises help to increase your flexibility, improve your control and boost awareness of your surroundings on the course.”

Incidentally, those same characteristics — strength, endurance and flexibility — can come in handy in other, more naked parts of your life.

2. Become the master of the grill.

Now is a perfect time to try your hand at mastering that signature grilling recipe you’ve been working on, without sacrificing flavor or your arteries.

As celebrity chef Bobby Flay notes, just brush on a little olive oil, sprinkle a little salt and pepper, and grill away. This will allow the natural flavor of the food to come through.

Sharpening your barbecuing skills may also be just the reason you’ve been looking for to get that new grill. You know the one.

3. Keep your relationship going strong.

Make the most of your relationship. In fact, why not make the most of it as often as possible, in every room of the house, if you get our meaning? It’s achievable.


Fishing is an activity that lets seniors spend a few hours away from TV, telephones and traffic.

“As men get older, they often experience changes in their overall health, causing their sexual health and performance to suffer. Issues may arise simply because of age or weight gain, or bad habits may be catching up with them,” says Dr. Marcus Laux, a naturopathic physician and health science adviser to Life Span labs. “After 50, a safe, natural sexual health supplement … combined with some simple lifestyle changes can be a very effective way to enhance sexual performance.”


At 50 and older, we’re pulled by the needs of growing children on one hand and aging parents on the other. And then there’s our work, and $700 billion bailouts. So concentrate instead on investing in your relationship. There’s always a good return on that.

4. Turn yourself into a beer connoisseur.

Nothing goes quite so well with your grilled masterpiece than a cold beer. But what kind of beer? That’s the question. The microbrew revolution has introduced a wide range of styles, from India pale ales to imperial stouts to Belgian lambics.

Spend a little quality time with your local beer seller. Sample a different style each week. Do taste tests to see which brewery you like. To help preserve the beer’s taste, store it in a cool, dark place at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you still haven’t found the perfect complement to your beef brisket, you could take a class or join a club and try whipping up your own frothy brew.

5. Relax the mind, body and spirit: Go fishing.

Let’s be honest, fishing is not really about the fish. If you hook one, great, but if you don’t you’ve at least caught a few hours with no phones, no TV, no traffic. It’s just you, the quiet, and whatever you’ve got stocked in the RV fridge. It can also be a great way to share time with family or friends.

If you’re just getting started fishing, and you’re really serious about the fish part, seek out an experienced friend or a guide service. Before you know it, you could be tying your own bead-head nymphs.