Former Al-Aksa operative sues over Bruno portrayal

A self-proclaimed reformed Palestinian operative is claiming damages from Sacha Baron Cohen for portraying him as a terrorist in the movie “Bruno.” In the movie, Cohen interviews the man, Ayman Abu Ayta, poking fun at terrorists and Osama Bin Laden.

“Your king, Osama, looks either like a dirty wizard or a homeless Santa,” says Bruno. “I want to be famous and I want the best guys in the business to kidnap me.

“Al Qaida is so 2001.”

Abu Ayta, an East Jerusalem resident, says that since his release from an Israel jail seven years ago, he has not engaged in any terror activity after once being a member of the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade. He told Channel 10 that he had received an offer to help make a movie “to promote peace.”

“You lied about me and you said you want to do something for the Palestinian people,” he told Channel 10, addressing the comedian. —