ADL blasts insidious subtext in Time article about Israel, demands apology


The Anti-Defamation League has called on Time magazine editors to apologize for a cover story ADL said was predicated on the “insidious subtext” of Jews being obsessed with money.

The ADL said Sept. 8 that it received calls and e-mails from around the country expressing outrage at Time’s Sept. 13 article headlined “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace.”

“The outcry from the Jewish community and others over Time’s Israel cover story has been overwhelming,” said Abraham Foxman, national director of the ADL. “We have received calls and e-mails from around the country expressing outrage at the implication that Israelis care more about money than a future of peace and security. After reading the story, we understand why so many people were offended.”

In a letter to Richard Stengel, managing editor of Time, the ADL called on the magazine’s editors to issue an apology to readers, both for the timing of the article and its calling up age-old anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews and money.

“The insidious subtext of Israeli Jews being obsessed with money echoes the age-old anti-Semitic falsehood that Jews care about money above any other interest, in this case achieving piece with the Palestinians,” Foxman wrote. “At the same time, Time ignores the very real sacrifices made by Israel and its people in the pursuit of peace and the efforts by successive Israeli governments of reconciliation.

“One can only be cynical about the timing of the article, appearing as Israelis and Palestinians engage in direct negotiations and Jews the world over pray on the High Holidays for a New Year that will bring peace,” he added.