Coen brothers win $1 million prize in Israel

The moviemaking brothers Joel and Ethan Coen have been awarded a prize worth

$1 million from the Israel-based Dan David Foundation.

The foundation gives three prizes every year, in past, present and future categories. The Coen brothers won the “present” category for work that was described as “unique in the history of filmmaking.”

Joel Coen said May 15 that he had wanted to visit Israel for a long time and mentioned that his mother had lived there.

The Coens have co-written and co-directed well-known films such as “The Big Lebowski,” “No Country for Old Men,” “A Serious Man” and “True Grit.”

International businessman and philanthropist Dan David has been granting the awards since 2001. Previous winners include Al Gore, Amos Oz, Tony Blair and Yo-Yo Ma. — ap