Ethnic fashion show highlights a cause

There have been fashion shows at Israel in the Gardens, but not like this one.

Models wearing colorful traditional garb from North Africa will stroll down the catwalk on the main stage, care of JIMENA: Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa.

Students on an East Coast college campus during a JIMENA speaking tour show off traditional North African clothing, similar to that which will be on display during the JIMENA fashion show.

The S.F.-based agency, which seeks recognition for the nearly 1 million Jews from the Middle East and North Africa who were displaced from their country of origin, has a collection of nearly 40 complete outfits from such countries as Tunisia, Libya and Morocco. The clothing — for men, women and children — is used for various events JIMENA orchestrates throughout the year, and are sometimes rented out to groups, said JIMENA Director Sarah Levin.

The collection — which includes outfits for a full bridal party — has grown over the years as JIMENA co-founder Gina Waldman traveled the world in her dedication to help preserve Mizrahi and Sephardi culture and history, and advocate for those displaced from their respective homelands.

The show begins at around 1 p.m. About 20 volunteers are expected to serve as models.