109-year-old Israeli gets a new nose

After 109 years with his original nose, Meir Korner of Haifa has a new honker.

Born in December 1901, Korner has lived a full life. His favorite activity is going to the beach, and for 60 years, he hasn’t missed a regular walk on the shore, where he meets friends and enjoys the sunshine.

But a few months ago, a tumor covering about 50 percent of Korner’s nose was discovered. He needed surgery to amputate his old nose and construct a new one.

Meir Korner and his doctor at Rambam Health Care Campus in Israel.

So, at age 109, Korner had a new nose created with his own forehead skin. The procedure was performed by doctors at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel, according to a press release. RHCC has extensive experience with forehead flap rhinoplasties, which are performed mainly following amputations as a result of tumors, the press release noted.

“In a very short period, Mr Korner’s nose healed, and we are extremely satisfied with the results,” said Dr. Yitshak Ramon, who operated on Korner as the senior member of the RHCC Department of Plastic Surgery. “Since the operation involved immediate reconstruction after amputation, we could use the external skin from Mr. Korner’s original nose for the reconstruction. This greatly contributed to the fine aesthetic results.”

“The doctors say this happened because of the sun,” Korner said, “but I don’t think I have to stop going to the beach. I look and feel good because of the doctors and because I do what I love. The Almighty promised me many years on this Earth, and the moment I can, I will return to the sea — with sunscreen.”