Coldplay removes Freedom for Palestine link

Coldplay removed a message posted on its Facebook page urging the British rock band’s fans to check out the “Freedom for Palestine” music video.

The link to the song and video, which feature musicians from around the world, was gone from the Coldplay page June 6, less than a week after it was posted. It presents depictions of Israeli army checkpoints and the security fence.

The artists, who included Britain’s Maxi Jazz and Dave Randall of the group Faithless and Jamie Catto of 1 Giant Leap, were performing under the auspices of Freedom OneWorld.

The post had received more than 7,000 responses, both positive and negative.

Two days after the posting, Coldplay released a new song from its yet-to-be-released album, but comments about “Freedom for Palestine” continued under the posting with the link to the new song. 

Facebook blocked the song’s URL after complaints that it was abusive. Coldplay linked instead to the OneWorld website.