Tel Aviv marchers seek Palestinian state

About 5,000 people marched through central Tel Aviv to express support for a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders.

The June 4 evening march was sponsored by several left-wing political parties and organizations, including Peace Now, Meretz, Hadash, the Labor Party, the National Left, the Peace NGO Forum, Combatants for Peace, Gush Shalom and Other Voice. Israeli media outlets estimated the number of protesters at about 5,000; organizers said 20,000 participated.

The march was called “Netanyahu Said No — We Say Yes to a Palestinian State.” Participants carried signs reading “Palestinian State — an Israeli interest,” “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies,” “Bibi, recognize the Palestinians,” and “Yes, we ken.” Ken is Hebrew for “yes.”

Several dozen right-wing activists held a counter-demonstration at the start of the march. — jta