Orthodox in Israel take on bachelorhood

Chaim Falk — known in Israel as the “matchmaking doctor” — has begun tackling a perceived problem in the Holy Land: thousands of young Jewish men and women who reach the age of 30 without getting married, Ynet-news.com reported.

Falk recently set up a “matchmaking commando” of 800 volunteers, who “will storm every neighborhood in Israel and help the religious sector’s 50,000 single men and women find their match,” according to Ynet.

Falk, a member of the National Religious Party, started a matchmaking agency for the fervently Orthodox 10 years ago. His services have resulted in more than 150 couples getting married, Ynet reported.

“People are no longer ashamed to ask a matchmaker for help,” Falk said.

The idea for the new project was born in the religious Habayit Hayehudi party after Knesset member Uri Orbach convened an emergency discussion on