OU job board offering online help with rsums

The OU job board now offers year-round assistance in résumé updating online, with 40 professionals in different fields volunteering their services.

“Whether you are employed these days or not, it’s always a good idea and prudent decision to have your résumé checked out by a professional, who can evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and advise the best ways to present yourself and your qualifications in the best possible light,” said Michael Rosner, director of the Orthoox Union job board.

Interested applicants should submit an already existing clearly written résumé to [email protected]. The résumé will be forwarded to an editor in the appropriate field. The résumé editor may contact the applicant for clarification. Updated résumés can then be uploaded to be viewed by potential employers.

“The professional level of the résumé writers is quite varied in order to connect the right résumé with the right professional in a field they know best,” said Rosner. “A good résumé should be kept ready at all times.”

The OU job board is looking to build the number of field professionals available to volunteer time to help review résumés. For information, email [email protected] or call (212) 613-8391.