Bieber, father get Hebrew tattoos in Israel

Teen pop star Justin Bieber and his father got matching Hebrew tattoos during their visit to Israel in the spring.

Photos surfaced last weekend on a Bieber fan site of the singer and his father, Jeremy, at a tattoo parlor in Israel getting the word Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus), tattooed in Hebrew letters on their torsos.

Since Bieber is 17, he needed his father’s permission to get inked.

In April Bieber performed in Israel and toured the country, including Christian sites in the Galilee, near the Dead Sea, Masada, Acre and Caesarea.

“i want to see this country and all the places i’ve dreamed of and whether its the paps or being pulled into politics its been frustrating,” he Tweeted during his visit. Paps refers to paparazzi.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a meeting with Bieber after he reportedly refused to meet with children from southern Israel. Bieber’s spokesman said he could not meet with the children due to logistics. — jta