CBS buys popular Israeli sitcom CW buys drama

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The CBS television network has purchased the long-running Israeli sitcom “Chaim Ze Lo Hakol,” or “Life Isn’t Everything.”

The popular show centers around a recently divorced middle-aged screenwriter and his ex-wife who are as bad at divorce as they were at marriage; they cannot help meddling in each other’s lives. It recently ended a successful nine-season run on Israel’s Channel 2.

Mike Sikowitz, executive producer of “Rules of Engagement” and formerly of “Friends,” will co-write the scripts for U.S. audiences with Daniel Lappin, the Israeli creator of the original series. The show is based loosely on Lappin’s life.

In other news, the CW network has bought the rights to an Israeli comedy-drama about a time-traveling filmmaker.

“Danny Hollywood” is about a young filmmaker who investigates the mysterious death of her musical idol. She travels back in time, meets and falls in love with him, and then tries to prevent his untimely death.

The show aired for 200 episodes on the YES Stars satellite channel.— jta