Study: many Jewish college students perceive anti-Semitism on campus

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A new study conducted by the Institute for Jewish & Community Research, a San Francisco–based think tank, suggests that more than 40 percent of American Jewish university students perceive anti-Semitism on their college campuses.

Titled “Alone on the Quad: Understanding Jewish Student Isolation on Campus,” the study was compiled from interviews with more than 1,400 students. Other findings suggest that roughly 40 percent of Jewish students have heard what they regard as “anti-Israel” sentiment from a professor in class, and that the majority of non-Jewish students have “no opinion” on anti-Israel statements.

The study also found that anti-Semitism is being “normalized and underreported” on campuses by both Jews and non-Jews alike. “Significantly more Jewish and non-Jewish students reported specific anti-Semitic statements heard on campus than reported anti-Semitism in general,” reads a summary. “Jewish students tend to dismiss a good deal of anti-Semitic rhetoric they encounter.”

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