Former Olmert aide convicted on corruption charges

Shula Zaken, former bureau chief for former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, was convicted for corruption.

Zaken was convicted Feb. 26 by the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on charges of fraud and breach of trust, in a case concerning attempts to influence promotions in Israel’s Tax Authority. She will be sentenced later.

She was charged with using her position in Olmert’s office to help her brother Yoram Karshi’s business interests. In October, Karshi was sentenced to seven months in prison.

Zaken also has been indicted, along with Olmert, in three other cases: the Rishon Tours, Talansky and Holyland affairs. The Rishon Tours case alleges that Olmert double-billed for overseas trips. The Talansky case charges that Olmert accepted cash illegally from American 
Jewish businessman Morris Talansky.

The Holyland real estate scandal, over a housing development in Jerusalem, has been described as one of the worst corruption scandals in Israeli history. Zaken is accused of taking bribes in the case. — jta