Deal or no deal?

Moshe goes to see his rabbi and asks, “Rebbe, if you had a choice between having $5 million or five lovely daughters, what would you choose?”

Without a second’s hesitation, the rabbi replies, “That’s an easy question, Moshe, I’d choose the five daughters.”

“So Rebbe, why would you choose having five daughters?” asks Moshe.

“That’s an easy choice for me, Moshe,” replies the rabbi, “I already have eight daughters.”

© david minkoff


Character count

The London branch of Citicorp Bank decides to carry out an audit of passwords used by their customers. To their surprise, they find that Harry Levy, one of their elderly customers, has regularly been using a very lengthy password:


So the office manager phones Harry and says, “Mr. Levy, we’ve just discovered that you’re using an unnecessarily long password to get into your online account with us. Why did you choose such a long and difficult one?”

“I only did what I was instructed to do by your office,” Harry replies.

”Really? What did they tell you to do?” asks the manager.

Harry replies: “Well, they told me that the password had to be eight characters long and had to include at least one capital.”