Irving Moskowitz gives $1 million to unseat Obama

American Jewish billionaire Irving Moskowitz, a financial backer of the pro-settlement movement in Israel, has donated $1 million to a conservative super PAC.

Moskowitz’s donation to American Crossroads, which is connected to Republican Party stalwarts Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie and Haley Barbour, is the gambling magnate’s single largest contribution to U.S. politics, Paul Blumenthal reported in the Huffington Post.

The primary mission of the PAC is to unseat President Barack Obama, according to the Blumenthal article.

Moskowitz and his wife, Cherna, have donated millions of dollars to the settlement movement, including buying property in eastern Jerusalem, and to Ir David, which runs the historic City of David archaeological park in eastern Jerusalem.

Moskowitz, 83, also has donated to “birther” groups that question the legitimacy of Obama’s U.S. citizenship and to groups that claim Obama has ties to radical Islamic groups. — jta