Ohio test question withdrawn

An Ohio graduation test question that draws a direct correlation between the Holocaust and Arab resentment over the formation of the State of Israel was withdrawn from future tests.

The question given to 10th-graders in five subject areas raised concerns among Ohio Jews, the Cleveland Jewish News reported.

The question on the test’s social studies assessment read: “After the Holocaust, many Jews felt that they needed a state of their own in order to provide security for the Jewish people. In 1948, the state of Israel was formed. Many Arabs disagreed with this action. Identify two perspectives of many Arabs that explain their objection to the establishment of Israel.”

The test was given between March 12 and 16.

Joyce Garver Keller, executive director of the Ohio Jewish Communities, told the newspaper that following a March 30 meeting with Ohio Department of Education official Stan Heffner, the question will not be used again.

Garver Keller said she received emails and calls from all over the state on the question. She said some students were “traumatized by the question.”

Garver Keller said that the second part of the question makes it appear that Arab perceptions are legitimate and that Israel does not have a right to exist. — jta