Jewish groups praise Russias removal from Jackson-Vanik

Jewish groups praised the House of Representatives for graduating Russia and Moldova out of Jackson-Vanik provisions that restricted trade.

A joint statement from NCSJ (formerly the National Conference on Soviet Jewry) and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations “applauded” Congress for the 365-43 vote to approve the removal of the two countries from the trade restrictions.

“In the 1970s, NCSJ and the Conference of Presidents helped to draft and fought for passage of Jackson-Vanik, an amendment to the Trade Act of 1974 that penalizes countries that restrict emigration,” the release said. “The amendment’s adoption in 1974 was a critical tool in pressuring the Soviet Union to allow Jews to escape Communist oppression by emigrating, primarily to Israel and the United States. NCSJ, the Conference of Presidents and other major Jewish organizations support graduation because Russia has a 20-year record of allowing unrestricted emigration abroad.”

The U.S. business community had lobbied for Russia’s removal from Jackson-Vanik, in part because it inhibited trade with one of the world’s biggest economies, but also because Russia’s recent ascension to the World Trade Organization would allow it to sue companies that denied it trade. — jta