Seniors | Nutrition tips for travelers

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Today’s seniors are leading active lives, filling their time with travel and other pursuits. While staying active is great for one’s general well-being and happiness, continuous travel provides challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Good nutrition and regular exercise can keep you feeling great and reduce your risk for diseases such as prostate cancer, diabetes and hypertension. And, as we age, our risk for developing these diseases increases, so it’s vital for aging men and women to protect their overall health.

Here are some wellness tips for travelers:

• Starting at the airport, bringing food from home may be your best bet for a wholesome meal. If you do buy airport food, you may want to couple it with a little exercise. Explore the terminal’s options: salads, low-fat sandwiches and smoothies abound.

• On road trips, pack a cooler with fresh vegetables, homemade sandwiches and water.

• A buffet can derail a diet quickly. When possible, skip the all-you-can-eat food fest and opt for individual menu items instead. When you can’t resist a buffet, eat an entire plate of salad before hitting the main dishes. Just be sure to go light on cheese and dressing and heavy on vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

• Exercise daily, whether it’s exploring a new location on foot or taking a swim in the hotel pool. Beyond burning calories, endurance exercises are particularly effective at increasing the body’s natural levels of antioxidants, eliminating inflammatory molecules that drive


• Relax and enjoy your trip. Reducing stress can lead to a longer, happier life.

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