Bus ads wars continue in San Francisco

Countering a recent ad on San Francisco Muni buses that called Israel an apartheid state, the pro-Israel organization StandWithUs has placed four ads on 12 Muni buses that highlight Israel’s diversity, religious freedoms and the close Israel-U.S. relationship.

The ads began appearing June 27 and will be up through July 27. According to StandWithUs, this is the sixth time in the past three years that the agency has countered anti-Israel ads in the Bay Area.

One of the ads currently running on Muni buses

The ad that SWU is countering this time ran in May and was paid for by American Muslims in Palestine. It featured stark imagery, including the silhouette of a soldier (presumed to be Israeli) sticking the barrel of his rifle directly into the chest of a cowering child, with the words: “Americans give Israel $3 billion per year! End apartheid now! Stop U.S. aid to Israel.”

Three of SWU’s new ads highlight Israel’s ethnic diversity, with one showing the first Ethiopian winner of the Miss Israel contest meeting President Barack Obama. Another announces that in “Israel: Diversity is Real” and “Incredibly Diverse,” a place where “Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Bahai’s, Druze and secular live equal under the law.” It includes photos of Israeli citizens of all faiths. Another ad stresses the U.S.-Israel relationship and the hundreds of thousands of American jobs it generates.

StandWithUs has countered anti-Israel billboard campaigns and bus ads since 2007 in 10 U.S. cities.

 “Anti-Israel groups attempt to misinform the public in order to undermine American support for Israel. Their ads typically demonize Israel and blame it for the lack of peace. They ignore context including the continued deadly actions and ideology of Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas,” Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs, said in a statement.