Local letters lauding Kerry elicit great pride

I read letters from three Jewish Community Relations Councils in support of John Kerry’s efforts to bring Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas to the negotiating table, to do more than negotiate to get to negotiations.

One of the letters was from the San Francisco–based JCRC, and another was from the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley.

I have never been more proud to be a resident of the Bay Area. Both letters express strong support for Kerry’s efforts, acknowledge the challenges for compromise by Israelis and Palestinians, and the role of the U.S. in scaffolding and shepherding the process. Especially encouraging is that both letters underscore the centrality of a two-state agreement for Israel to thrive as a democracy, with security.

Molly Freeman   |   Berkeley


A bonding moment

I had a very interesting conversation while having my nails done today. There was an African American woman having her nails done next to me and while she was drying her nails, I noticed that she had letters tattooed on her wrist. I asked her if the letters were Hebrew and she said “yes.”

Unable to read Hebrew, I asked her what it said and she told me “have faith.” I asked her why Hebrew lettering and it was her answer that blew me away: “Jesus was a Jew.”

I immediately felt a connection with this woman; we came from the same faith.

Myra Feiger   |   Hayward


Radiant recipes

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the recipes that j. prints. Many of them have become go-to meals for us.

Mark Snyder   |   Oakland

Jewish Voice for Peace doesn’t deserve a listing

I’d like to express my dismay and disgust when I opened the new “Resource: A Guide to Jewish Life in the Bay Area.”

Generally it’s a terrific reference source, but I found a listing for Jewish Voice for Peace in the “Information and Advocacy” section.

An avid reader of j. for 25 years, I closely followed j.’s coverage of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival’s controversial showing of the Rachel Corrie film in 2009. I read the agonizing arguments over the need for a “big tent” to include Jews of all political views in our discourse.

But listing the JVP is beyond the pale of tolerance for any Jewish tent. While JVP cloaks itself in the rhetoric of social justice for Palestinians, its mission, funded by Arab interests, is the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state.

The latest NGO Monitor reported JVP’s strategy is to drive “a wedge” within the Jewish community to create the impression nationally the Jewish community is polarized over Israel. JVP provides cover for organizations dedicated to Israel’s destruction who claim their campaigns are supported “even by Jews.”

When preparing  the 2014 Resource guide, j. editors must understand the difference between “tent” and “Trojan horse.”

Nancy Matlin   |   San Carlos