Hebron hacker posts on Facebook wall of Zuckerberg

A Palestinian hacker posted a message on Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg’s wall to show there is a bug in the social network’s security.

Khalil Shreateh of Hebron posted information about the bug on Zuckerberg’s wall last week following unsuccessful attempts to report the bug to Facebook security. The bug allowed Shreateh to post on the walls of other members, circumventing security settings.

“Sorry for breaking your privacy … I had no other choice … after all the reports I sent to Facebook team,” Shreateh wrote on Zuckerberg’s wall.

Facebook security had denied the flaw was a bug.

Shreateh, who is unemployed, had hoped to win a $500 reward paid to hackers who discover bugs on Facebook. Instead, his Facebook account was frozen, because he violated Facebook’s terms of service by posting on Zuckerberg’s page.

His account has since been reinstated. Zuckerberg  has 18 million Facebook friends. — jta