San Diego mayor resigns under fire

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resigned on Aug. 23 amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Filner, 70, who is Jewish, resigned after the San Diego City Council unanimously approved a deal under which Filner agreed to leave office by Aug. 30 in exchange for the city agreeing to pay his legal expenses in a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by his former aide.

Thus far, 17 women have publicly accused Filner of acting inappropriately and sexually harassing them.

Filner was San Diego’s first Democratic mayor in two decades; he was formerly a 10-term congressman.

“In a lynch mob mentality, rumors become allegations, allegations become facts, facts become evidence of sexual harassment, which have led to demands for my resignation and recall,” he said in announcing his resignation.

He apologized to the city and to the women who accused him of misconduct.

Prior to his resignation, Filner had entered a treatment facility on Aug. 5 for two weeks of intensive therapy.

An election will be held within 90 days to elect a new mayor. — jta