Chabad preschool launches online petition to support expansion plans

Supporters of a proposed Jewish preschool expansion in Noe Valley have launched an online petition, urging the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to reject an appeal that would prevent the school from doubling its capacity from 22 to 42 children.

The proposal by Gan Noe Preschool, part of Chabad of Noe Valley, was approved in July by the city’s Planning Commission. Neighbors who live near the two residential units at 3771 and 3781 Cesar Chavez St. filed an appeal, hoping to quash the decision. A hearing slated for Sept. 17 will decide the matter for good.

“The timing is not the easiest,” said Rabbi Gedalia Potash. “We have to get ready right before Yom Kippur, but in some ways [the hearing] is very connected to the High Holy Days. We’re also filing appeals to God at this time of year.”

The petition, addressed to Board President David Chiu, reads in part: “Please support [the school] and reject the appeal of the conditional use permit.” Potash hopes to collect 500 signatories to the petition before turning it in to the board.

In its July approval, the Planning Commission acknowledged potential problems on the heavily trafficked street but noted the value of expanding preschool/child care services for families in the city.

The rabbi says all outstanding issues related to noise, traffic and safety raised in the appeal have been addressed, and that the objections noted are “baseless.”

If the supervisors dismiss the appeal, giving a final green light to the project, Potash said he hopes the preschool expansion will take place “very quickly.” — dan pine


Dan Pine

Dan Pine is a contributing editor at J. He was a longtime staff writer at J. and retired as news editor in 2020.